Stay Tuned In To God!

We were reminded again just yesterday that it’s MORE than worth the effort to pay attention to that little voice deep down inside that keeps telling you, “Pray for this person” or “Give to that mission worker” or even “Forgive that individual”!! Our regular tithe is divided been missionaries and the church, but on occasion, if we have a little extra, we like to surprise someone! We have a friend in the Middle East who works for a ministry, but we can’t support him through that ministry like you would a regular worker (i.e., make a donation and get a tax deduction). This man receives a straight…if meager…salary, and his wife must also work to support their family and the aging parents who live with them. Still, our friend, has been on our hearts for a few months, and we wanted to bless him with some extra cash from our tithe even though we haven’t seen him in about two years. (Yes, we heard that little voice that keeps nagging at our hearts!!) When we reached out to him on WhatsApp he, first of all, sent the family’s love and blessings (before he even knew our intentions). When we told him we wanted to send him some money, there was a pause in our messaging, and then he wrote, “I must tell you something.” Another pause. “My Mother has liver issues and is in the USA for treatment. She needs a transplant, but in the meantime she has gone into a coma. I went to visit her, but now my savings are depleted. I’ve been sitting here praying that extra money would come in so that I can return to the US!” Wow! That blessed our socks off and we were reminded of just how GOOD God is! Our friend gave us his bank information and we were able to get our little gift to him within 10 minutes! This is no credit to us, but to God who not only provides but also gives encouragement to us and our friend that He hears and answers prayers!