Praying Their Way Past The Russians

(From YWAM Slavic Ministries) Brother Andrew, who just turned 94, has had a tremendous impact on ministries worldwide as he described “praying his way across closed borders and into Communist countries”. In fact, he helped raise up an entire generation of missionaries and Bible smugglers! Here is one example of how that has been helping people get across the borders of Ukraine: “Last week a young man was part of a convoy of no fewer than a thousand vehicles trying to leave Kherson. Ultimately the Russians let them leave in small batches, but only after holding it in place for one day. ‘For me, it was the 5th attempt to leave the controlled territory,’ the young man said. ‘The previous 4 times it didn’t work out. What surprised me was that suddenly the Russians let us through the checkpoint without any examination!’ He had heard many stories of extensive checks, phones being examined, and property being stolen.”

In hearing stories like this, it makes his ministry leaders wonder: could this have been the hand of the Lord? How many other stories will we hear like this in the future? We need to continue to pray for more of God’s interventions as the people of Ukraine try to escape the tragedy of the Russian invasion.