Order Your Muslim Prayer Guides Now!

Christians have been using the “30 Days of Prayer For The Muslim World” guidebooks since 1993. It’s a movement that invites Christians to learn about, pray for, and reach out to their Muslim neighbors with love and respect. The movement coincides annually with the Islamic month of Ramadan, a time when Muslims are more deeply aware of spiritual matters. The Muslim World Prayer Guide focuses on 30 of the largest and most unreached areas of the world, is filled with stories, and asks for a spiritual awakening and the proclamation of Jesus’ name. The guide ends on the “Night of Power”, when followers of Islam look to Allah for a vision of their life in the coming year.

The guide is available in booklet form or as a pdf. Check out their website, www.pray30days.org and order a pdf, or booklets for the intercessors at your church today!

If you have not seen the video on Islam from The Waiting World series (thewaitingworld.net), we have included it here: