Yangi’s Story: Bhutan

(From https://pray4southasia.com/) – In 2022 Yangki* (*name changed and photo is only representative) was sick.  She was prayed for by a group of Christ-followers that were focused on reaching out to their Bhutanese neighbors.  The Lord healed her.  They then shared the Good News with her.  She believed, was baptized, and started following Jesus.

But her husband was very angry and opposed her decision to follow Christ.  He made life very hard for her and even scolded her in the local market place.  The team prayed and fasted for her husband.  A year later, the husband allowed the team to start a fellowship in his home.  He is not angry with his wife anymore.

  • Praise God for what He did and continues to do in Yangki’s life.
  • Praise God for the change of heart that her husband experienced.
  • Pray for the Lord to bring him to repentance and salvation , as well.
  • Pray that God uses Yangki to reach out and make many new disciples in her town and beyond.
  • -Pray that new disciple-groups will start and multiply there and beyond.

The main religion in Bhutan is Buddhism. You can see a brief video on the basics of Buddhism at thewaitingworld.net. Please click on the link below: