The Maldives: Unreached and Unengaged

(From The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, are a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean which are southwest of Sri Lanka and India. About 90% of the people in the Maldives belong to the Maldivian community. They are an unengaged, unreached people with 99.25% following Islam. Their observance of Islam, however, is mostly ritualistic. Fear and superstition is rife and their family life is highly dysfunctional. Tiny fractions are Hindu or Buddhist. 

There may be less than 10 followers of Jesus among them.  Migrants who are Christians are closely monitored and their meetings restricted. Non-Muslim migrants can practice their faith in private and are not allowed to evangelize or propagate their faith. Owning a Bible can result in a prison sentence. For locals, converting to another religion can lead to loss of citizenship.

–  Pray for the protection of the tiny group of believers in the Maldives, and for them to grow and be encouraged in their faith.

–  Pray that God will use them for His purpose despite the restrictions.

–  Pray for new laws that allow religious freedom in the Maldives.

–  Pray for God’s Spirit to supernaturally reveal Jesus to the Maldivians.

– Pray that translation of the Bible into their language, Dhivehi, to be completed.

– Pray for the Maldivian to encounter Jesus through dreams and visions.

– Pray for doors for the gospel to open to this community.

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