Jesus Is Reaching The Lost Through Their Dreams!

Following is a TRUE story from the frontline, and it comes from a group of mission mobilizers which we, here at The Waiting World, interact with regularly.  Our online group has decided to share true mission stories from around the world. However for security reasons, the names will be changed and nations where these events occurred will not be mentioned. :

 Hisham – not his real name –  is a Muslim background believer (MBB) and a leader in a Southeast Asian nation. He and his wife have intentionally moved to a part of their country with fewer missionaries. Hisham’s vision is to encourage a movement of Muslim young people to Christ. He works toward that through sports, specifically teaching football (soccer for Americans) to 75 Muslim teens. Many missionaries working among Muslims have heard how God uses dreams to point Muslims to Christ. Many Muslims (read “A Wind in the House of Islam” by David Garrison) have had a similar dream in which a man in white comes to them and directs them to the Bible so they can learn about Him. These dreams don’t save the unreached but they do point them to Jesus. Hisham asked his 75 Muslim youth one afternoon, ‘How many of you have had a dream in which a man in white came to tell you about God or how to find [Jesus] through the Bible?’ FORTY SEVEN Muslim youth raised their hands! God has prepared many unreached peoples for the gospel. This should encourage us to share with them.

Are there any Muslim people living near you? Get to know them.  Your life will be richer for having done so!