Ramadan Is Over, But Our Prayers Must Continue!

To all who prayed for Muslims over this past holy month of Ramadan, let us first say a huge, “THANK YOU!” Please know that your prayers ARE being answered!  Ever since Christians around the world began uniting in prayer during Ramadan about 30 years ago , more Muslims have come to Christ than ever before!  And while the numbers of Muslims turning to “Isa” during this just-ended holy season cannot be tabulated, we here at The Waiting World can verify that, as followers of Allah and His Prophet, Mohammad, grow increasingly frustrated with the violence of Islam, many are seeking answers! Today we chatted online with a Muslim Background Believer (MBB) in a Middle Eastern country, and asked her if it’s true that Muslims are actually seeing a “Man in White” in their dreams?  She responded “Oh yes! They definitely are!  We have many, many Muslims now coming to our (evangelical) churches!  Please!  Continue to pray for them!”   Moreover, two young women that we personally meet with regularly online have,  within the past couple of weeks, had a peculiar number of questions about our faith and about Jesus, i.e., “Do you really believe God answers prayer?”  “Is there such a thing as real joy?  I’m so sad all of the time!”  And statements like, “Yes! I believe Jesus is alive!”   Thus just because Ramadan is over, please don’t stop praying that Muslims here and abroad will encounter our risen and living Lord!