Ahmed’s Story: Why We Pray During Ramadan

(From Pray4Asia) When Ahmed* was a child, he was sent to a madrassa to learn about his faith. He memorised the entire Qur’an. He prayed 5 times a day. He observed the 30-day fast during Ramadan. Later, he went to study in a college. One day, someone gave him a Bible. He started reading both the Bible and his Qur’an. It gradually became clear to him that he was a sinner and Jesus the Saviour. He gave his life to Jesus and is now following Him. He prays, reads and obeys the Word, and his life is full of joy.

– Praise God for true stories like Ahmed’s.

– Pray he grows in Christ and as a faithful and fruitful disciple-maker.

– Pray for those in his circle of relationships – family, friends and others – to come to faith.

*Name changed