Pray For Followers of Hinduism

(From Pray4SouthAsia) – Have you ever heard of a henotheistic religion? It is one in which it’s followers worship one god without denying the existence of other gods. And Hinduism is a perfect example of a henotheistic religion: there are many sects worshipping many gods, and none of them denies the existence of the other deities, even though a lot of these sects have beliefs that tend to be contradictory to each other. Long-held traditions and a deeply entrenched worldview have helped Hinduism flourish through today. So how can we pray?

Please pray: For Hindu eyes to be opened to the simplicity of the gospel.

For a revelation of Yeshu (Jesus) to Hindu hearts and minds.

For people to not simply follow tradition but to seek for the more edifying

answers found in Christ.

For encounters with the transformational love of Christ.