Pray For Afghanistan!

Tragic news reports from this nation about the extreme cold weather and it’s impact on people and animals require our urgent prayers! With temperatures hovering around -33 degrees Celsius (-18 to -27 degrees Fahrenheit), at least 153 people had died from the cold by Tuesday, January 24, and an estimated 70,000 livestock also perished. Approximately 23 million people in this nation being run by the Taliban face death from starvation and the extreme weather. While food is available, the prices are too high for people to be able to buy it. And since the Taliban put a ban on women working, this has limited the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) being able to distribute blankets and other aid. Life for the people of Afghanistan has been extremely bad since the nation fell to the Taliban, and now, with this weather extreme, it has become exponentially worse. Please pray for these precious souls caught in the crossfire of tragedies!