Person to person evangelism

(From Pray4Asia): In west India, Aruni* was under the spell of an evil spirit. A few Jesus-followers prayed for her and she was delivered. She believed in Christ and started sharing with many. She and husband then joined a house fellowship. Her sister (M), who had stomach cancer, also started coming. Within a short time, M believed and received Jesus as Savior. At the hospital, while receiving chemotherapy, she shared the gospel and Bible-stories to other women cancer patients. One day, M’s cancer report came out normal! The other women were all amazed and requested her to pray for them. Many started to believe. These women are now also sharing Bible-stories to their family members.    

– Praise God for how the gospel spread from one person to another.

– Praise God for the miracles that accompanied gospel proclamation.

– Pray for the gospel to spread to many through these family networks.

*Name changed