“Wait! I Want To Tell You About Jesus!”

(This is a TRUE story from Africa) – The father of a 7-year old boy from Nigeria is currently taking a class called “Next Steps”.   This program is designed to encourage Christians 16 and over from the Global South (Asia, Africa, India, South America, etc.) in Christian missions and church mobilization.  The 7-year old, along with his 6 and 8 year old siblings, BEGGED to become a part of this class, and the YWAM couple running the course agreed to let them participate.  One day, an older Muslim friend came to visit their family, but,  as he was rising to leave, the 7-year old jumped up and said, “Wait! Don’t leave! I want to evangelize you and tell you all about Jesus!

Enthusiasm like this from people in South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania and elsewhere on the African Continent is catching on, and it’s exciting to hear stories from the workers in these nations.  As one national worker said,” Our churches shouldn’t be meeting to EMPLOY pew sitters, but to DEPLOY workers for the mission fields!”  Africa is now transforming FROM a mission FIELD to a mission FORCE, and even the children are becoming engaged with missions!

Working right alongside the Holy Spirit and His intercessors in this mighty move, are classes like the Kairos Course,YWAM’s Perspectives Class, and Next Steps.  Some of these work best for group settings in churches and some for individuals. Let us know if you are interested!  And pray for this amazing move in Africa!