History Belongs to the Intercessor!

YWAM Myanmar is reminding us to register for the International Day of Prayer on Thursday, November 17. They write:

In days of crisis and shaking, days of darkness and despair, days when the enemy comes in like a flood and our former structures are no longer sufficient for the need of the hour, the call goes forth.  PRAY.

Such are the days in Myanmar. Over the past few years, the world has watched as the military took control of the country and the nation spiraled into a growing storm of violence, chaos, and despair. No part of the country, and no person in the country, has gone untouched by the rising tide of uncertainty, turmoil, and death.

Yet even as darkness has increased across Myanmar, the Lord is on the move. Thousands are coming to Jesus, with countless more hearing the gospel for the first time. Healing and deliverance are breaking out. Prayer and worship are filling the land. The shores will be golden with the beauty and glory of Jesus.

We are at a hinge point in the history of Myanmar. And the surpassing need for the hour is to come together on the wall of prayer to see God’s redemption fill the land. This is an invitation to not merely experience history, but to make history. It’s never been more true that history belongs to the intercessor.”

This is an 8 hour prayer session, being hosted in various locations around the world. If you wish to participate for any length of time, you can register here: