Update on New Homes in Ukraine

We just received this update from ywamslavickministries.org on the new homes being built for those who have lost everything in the war. People from all over the world have contributed financially and even traveled to Ukraine to volunteer to build these simple homes that will help keep people warm this winter! “Here we go again with the second wave of homes! Again, we have beautiful people here with us putting up 20 new homes this week and we plan another 30 by the end of the month. 100 homes!!!  We have 32 volunteers today and 68 coming by the end of the week. Thank you all for praying with us!!! This is one project of two in Ukraine. 

Anatoliy and Lyudmila are the couple pictured above. Although they have lost everything, they remained positive people. They are very grateful that when their home was hit, they were away staying with their daughter. 

We could have died, but we were very lucky to stay alive. We went through the loss, but not a loss of life! We will start again and we are grateful to you for this start. Many people around us are experiencing the loss of family and that is truly tragic.” 

Volunteers from around the world at building site

If you want to send financially or even go to Ukraine to help, please contact ywamslavicministries.org