Take 5 Minutes In Prayer This Sunday

The producers of The Waiting World unreached people group videos have just posted a link on their website to a series of 12 prayer screens that you and your church or Bible study can use to pray for some of the unreached people groups of the world. These prayer screens also reflect some of the accompanying videos in the series. Taking the nations for Jesus and completing His words in the Great Commission (found in Matthew 28: 18-20) involves praying, giving, and going. Thus this is one tool that can help you as you mobilize others to pray for the lost! Perhaps you or someone in your church with a passion for the nations can lead the congregation for 2-5 minutes in the specific prayer points listed on one prayer screen. Never stop praying for your own nation, but never stop praying for the lost and dying souls who’ve never even heard the name of Jesus! Here is the link: https://www.thewaitingworld.net/prayer-screens