A Christian Ghost in Myanmar

  • Here is a powerful story straight from the front lines of missions in war torn, Myanmar (formerly called Burma). Right now your prayers are needed for this predominately Buddhist nation! Constant fighting after the recent coup has caused severe economic problems and food shortages and many people suffer from severe trauma. However, in spite of all this tragedy, souls are being won to Christ! One Christian worker shared that the neighborhood he and his family live in, experienced a lot of violence in the early months after the coup. The family is well known among their Buddhist neighbors because of their children’s ministry. One day, some of the neighbor children told them, “We sometimes see the Christian ghost over your house to protect it. It is very bright!” They didn’t know that it is an angel who watches over their home. The Christian worker says even though there have been many raids in their neighborhood, no one has ever entered their house. When that happens, he and his children are often inside the house praying and shaking in fear, but God always protects them from harm!