The Plight of Widows In India

(Courtesy of A Hindu bride is often expected to live with her husband’s family. This weakens her connections with her own family, so if she is widowed, she can become desperate if she is without resources. She may be blamed for her husband’s death or removed from her home. Only qualified widows receive a very small government pension. There are a few government facilities to support widows, providing work training and some medical treatment, but not nearly enough to serve the nation and most are poorly equipped. Orthodox Hinduism denies widows earthly pleasures and dictates they live out their days in worship. Although legal, remarrying is not widely accepted in many communities. Particularly in rural areas, widows are not permitted to wear jewelry or sarees of color and are expected to stay away from festivals, because it is believed they bring “bad luck”. Pray that the government will be more efficient and generous in supporting and assisting a dignified lifestyle for widows and pray for the roughly 40 million widows in India that they will come to the knowledge of the one true Savior.